Saturday, 21 March 2015

18 Mar 2015 (Wednesday)
No dream.

Interpretation: when the internal Auditor of Dreams finds no message that needs to be passed to the Conscious Mind, we do not wake from our dreams, and the dreams carry out their normal function of filing away the information taken in during the day.

19 Mar 2015 (Thursday) The Wedding Invitation
I dream I receive a wedding invitation, but don't know the couple. I consult my wife; neither does she. I phone the number on the invitation: our conversion is nothing but baffling, I don't know what they are saying and they don't know what I am saying. I go into the restaurant of the hotel for my breakfast. I look around for my wife, who went down before me, but do not see her. There are three ladies, at separate tables, who look bemused by my looking at them. I say I am looking for my wife. They indicate a chair, covered by a cardigan, and say that there was a woman at that table. My wife returns to her chair. The three ladies say they are in the hotel for the wedding, and that the men have gone celebrating already. This means the men had gone to a local pub for a few pints, but I did not want to spend the day drinking; what I wanted most was a bowl of porridge for breakfast. The waiter is talking to my wife. He is saying "I am sorry about the breakfast." I wake up.

Interpretation: I had in real life received advance notice of the date of my niece's wedding, and had said to myself, "I must put the date in my diary," but I had neglected to do so. The Auditor of Dreams had found the information and sent my conscious self a reminder. Some thought also has to be given to the transport arrangements for the day; if I am driving I will not be drinking.

20 Mar 2015 (Friday) Playing Football for Dublin
I receive an invitation to play football for Dublin. This is astonishing, as I am not on any club team. Maybe its because I joined in a match for a team that was short a player, and got noticed by the scouts! I won't refuse the invitation, but I must get out, play some football, and get fit for the match. I take my boots and head for the park, where I hope to get a game. (When I was young, groups of youngsters in the park would often ask others to join in to make up two teams). It was a hurling match that was going on, not football. I caught a hurling ball that came through the air off the pitch. I wanted to toss it back to the players, but another ball had been brought into play and nobody was interested in taking the ball from me. Another ball came out and I tossed my ball to a player. He caught it, somewhat disgruntledly, and tossed it aside to take up the new ball. (Apparently, my ball had been deliberately discarded in favour of a newer ball). I passed on, but found no football players around. I met a man to whom I mentioned my purpose. He said "Perhaps my son would come out to play ball with you. We live beside the park." I go to his house, but his son is in bed. What a prospect, I thought, of having a vigorous game with a lazy lay-around. While they were rousing the son, I meet some young children of the household, who show me their art-work and with whom I am getting on fine. These people are Indians. They happen to mention that the son was attacked in the park, a racial attack. He was attacked three times. "Three times?" I gasp. "Well," said the mother, "Once physically and twice in his business." I am beginning to gather that they think the son can go back to the park to face his attackers, with me as his body-guard. I had myself (in reality) been the subject of a number of assaults in my young life, not racial, but purely of ruffians; once I was shot in the thumb while playing ball in the park, fortunately by a pellet gun, for there were no real fire-arms in those days. I had always followed my parents' advice to avoid trouble-makers. Now, in my dream situation, I realised I was being set up for a confrontation. Moreover, there was something shady about this Indian lad's business; his assault was more than a mere racial assault and had some connotations with his shady business. Then I woke up.

Interpretation: I need to get out and get more physical exercise, and not be side-tracked by getting involved with socio-political problems, which are often more complex than appears on the surface.

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