Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Styx, the Spring, the Fix

Three dreams, one on each of the last three nights.

Dream 1: the Styx
Working in my garden and attempting to press a flower that was uprooted back into the earth, I accidentally pressed it through the floor of the ground into a sink hole and, deep down at the bottom of the sink hole, into a putrid stream that flowed, over a beach, into the sea.

The "stinks" stream was a pun (a form of wit beloved by the subconscious) for "Styx." I had pressed the flower of my youth into the death-stream by excessive reveries (symbolised by languishing in my garden). The sea is the sea of eternity into which the death-stream flows. The message is: to keep hold of my "youthful" energy, I must get up; get out, get active. Of course, dreaming of working in the garden was also a rehearsal of recent garden activity.

Dream 2: the Spring
I dream I am back in the Land Registry office where I worked for forty years, with two purposes. Firstly, I was back to work, and with constant obstruction. Secondly, I was to attend and contribute to a conference on the future of Land Registration, which turned out not to be a conference, but an outdoor banquet to celebrate a new organisational structure imposed on the office. I (again as in a previous dream involving eating) was not hungry, had difficulty attaching my adhesive identity-badge, and finding my seat, which was unsatisfactory and broken. After the banquet, I drove home. As I approached Glasnevin, where I live, the road passed through a parkland where all the trees had burst into a magnificent display of white May blossoms.

My subconscious is telling me to forget about my past occupations and move forward into a fresh new spring in my life.

Dream 3: the Fix
I am, in the dream, finishing a painting of a father having an innocent tender moment with his young daughter. The father is in the centre of the painting and the daughter is on the left. Behind the father's back is his young son, horribly perplexed and jealous of the scene. Behind the daughter is a glass door and in it we see dimly the reflection of the mother, also horrified. I (a younger version of me) go with my wife, daughter and son visiting another family. The daughter goes off with the girl of that household to mix with her friends; the son goes out playing with the boys, and I am left with the younger boy. I take up a child's book and attempt to interest him in it. He takes me by the hand into the playroom, and there I find a magnificent library of childrens' books, including one which turns out to be an annual of some newspaper, in which there are multiple photographs. I begin quizzing the boy about who is in the photos. I see what in a glance appears to be Bill Clinton, and ask the boy "who is that?" He immediately replies  with another name, and turns out to be right, the name of a well-known wealthy businessman. The book turns out to be a laptop computer. I try to get back to the home page, but fail miserably. The boy's father comes in and shows me how to swipe certain images to traverse through the files, and I realise how the thing works.

I am currently reading "A dangerous Method," and the painting in the dream is rehashing elements of the Oedipus and Electra complexes referred to in the book. I am also having difficulty with my Outlook email account since shifting from Windows Vista to Windows 8. The dream tells me obliquely, but clearly, that these difficulties arise from using Microsoft Mail, which affects Outlook in various ways, and herein lies the Fix.

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