Monday, 23 March 2015

Tropical Expedition

I dream I am with a group of Irish tourists about to  climb a forested mountain in Africa. I tell the others we have to strip and leave our clothes at this point and go forward naked. The party is reluctant and questioning. I say, "Look, it is positively too humid for clothes. The natives in this jungle go naked. We can keep on our underpants, or swimming togs, and our sandals."

There is a disturbance somewhere in the camp. Someone says "Boko Haram," and these intruders are ordering the trippers to line up, no doubt to be executed. I know one of our party has a gun. I whisper to him, "Shoot them," but he freezes and looks scared. I say, "Give the gun to me." His partner says to him, "Do what the policeman says." Obviously, I am regarded as a policeman, perhaps metaphorically or as a nickname. The leader of the intruders notices us and turns his attention to us. I say to my friend, "Just do as you are told," and Boko seems to approve, for he thinks I am advising my friend to line up as ordered by the intruders. My friend slips me the gun and I shoot the leader and then the other three intruders.


I guess the various characters in the dream represent aspects of my own personality, some adventurous and others conservative; some submissive and some authoritative. Even though I feel hot and humid in the dream, the idea of stripping down to our undies for a trek through the jungle appears a bit odd (as well as the fact that on a mountainside it would not be so warm or humid as in the valley we had just come from). Basically, my subconscious seems to be telling me to get rid of some of my obnoxious character traits, whatever they are, at all costs and to maintain equilibrium!

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