Monday, 13 April 2015

Blue and Yellow

Just as I was falling asleep last night, my wife said, "Have you enough shirts and jumpers. etc., for the holiday?" I said yes, for my wardrobe is full of clothes. However, as I drifted off I supposed the real question was not had I enough, but had I suitable, fresh clothes and not just worn-out old stuff. Images of shirts and jumpers floated before my eyes in a slide show, all blue, whether striped, patterned or plain. I saw myself dressed in vibrant blues, as I pranced around like a professional model. Then the images changed to blue flowers; blue, blue blue. Suddenly the slides changed. Now it was yellow flowers. Yellow, yellow, yellow!



Blue and yellow flowers in my garden today!

Blue is the colour of the intellect, of thinking, of detachment from the passions. I obviously like to see myself as intellectual and cool. Maybe I do prefer blue clothes. Now that the daffodils have faded, blue is beginning to dominate my garden. Soon it will be utterly dominant with the arrival of the blue geraniums, in June. Yesterday, to fill the spaces pending the resurgence of the blue geraniums, (and after them the red geraniums), I planted some fresh blue and purple senetti in the garden, so blue was already on my mind. Yellow is the colour of spring, of resurgence and energy. So here there is a "get up and go" message, to add to my cool intellectual pretention!

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