Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mountainside Car Park

I dream I am in my car in a sloped mountainside car park. With me in the car are my wife and another very self-opinionated lady. I back out of my car space, with my wife warning to watch the car on my right and watch the car behind me. As I emerge I turn the car sharply left to best avail of the limited space available. The opinionated lady volunteered that she would take a broader turn. This is quite normal, since I am aware that females have a different spatial view than men - in genera, they require more space in which to manipulate a car. We emerge from the car park, tightly squeezing between the other vehicles and emerge onto a mountain track. Now there is a sudden change, for we are no longer in the car but on foot. The knowledgeable lady has gone ahead and reached the top of the mountain. My wife is struggling up a cliff behind me. She gets stuck. My best course is to go on ahead and throw her a rope from the top, in order to pull her up. I know I have a rope in my garage at home. Now, I have the rope at the top and go to throw it down, but she has slipped back to the start of the track and the rope may not reach. I get preoccupied with making a noose in the rope, which she can fit under her arms, and wonder if the rope is too rough for the job, but it is the only rope available. I wake up.

Interpretation: I really don't know what to make of this dream, if anything. Certainly, I was driving before going to bed, and maybe this was the subconscious way of rehearsing the driving experience - parking in a car park and emerging. Coming out of a church car park, where I and my wife and sons had been at a memorial service, there was a long line of cars. Then I had observed two lanes marked on the ground and moved into the inner, left-wise lane, only to discover that the reason why all the cars were in the right-hand lane is because everybody, on emerging from the car park, were turning right, as were we, so I indicated and pressed my way back into the right lane, thus effectively skipping a number of cars. Wife and sons were embarrassed and amused, but I thought nothing of it. This could explain my experiencing criticism for my car-parking skills in my dream, but the rest is a mystery. Usually, characters in a dream are all part of the dreamer's own psyche, so the wife and the opinionated lady are, no doubt, aspects of myself, one hesitant, the other adventurous.

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