Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Dark Side of God

Several nights of dreams: The Dark Side of God; The Garden Slide Show; The Bladder Adventure; The Gumboil Oil Boiling. Dreams are forgotten very quickly, if not recorded, and I can't now recall one or two others that occurred since my last Dreams post.

The Dark Side of God
I see a lightning-bright triangle in the sky. After a while it flips over and I see its dark side, a black triangle, with illumination around its edges.

Interpretation: This may be a migraine aura rather than a true dream. Medieval nun, Hildegarde, famously described her migraine-auras as visions, so maybe I might as well. Ancient peoples adored the sun as God, and why would they not, as it appeared every day to give them life. The sun-bright triangle is a  symbol for God, the triangle representing the Blessed Trinity. When it flipped over, my subconscious was telling me that God has a dark side!

The Garden Slide Show
I had been in the garden during the day. In my dream, the internal picture-house projected a slide show of plants and flowers.

Interpretation: Prompted as a review and filing of my day's experience, it ranged far outside of the range of plants actually seen. It is a reminder of the many tasks still to be done to bring my garden up to scratch for the Summer months. Mental slide-shows are not unusual for me, with a wide range of paintings, mountain scenes, sunsets, architectural forms, etc., stored, and/or created, for internal projection in dreams or "oft when on a couch I lie" in wakeful reverie.

The Bladder Adventure
My companions and I are to attend a conference. I need to empty my bladder, and I have 3 minutes to do so. No bother! I will find a toilet in the building. I search and I search, but can't find one. No bother: I know where there is a public toilet just outside. I go out, but it is closed. I know where there is a public house, but the toilet is out of order. I know where there is a lonely alley, where I can, surely, unload; but, when I go there, I find the area has been re-developed and the alley eliminated. I wake up.

Interpretation: Just a call of nature waking me up, and one of a type often experienced before.

The Gumboil Oil Boiling
I wake up with the old childhood tongue-twister riddle in my head: "If a gumboil could boil oil, how much oil would the gumboil boil, if a gumboil could boil oil." I also have in my head the idea that the riddle would make sense if we changed "gumboil" to "gum-buyer" and "boil" to "buy."

Interpretation: This is a sample of how the subconscious mind keeps working on old riddles until it finds a solution, particularly if the solution is relevant to the present time, which, of course, this one is, and acutely so, as I exploit in my comments blog: Buy Oil Now.

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