Thursday, 8 March 2018

Snow Inscriptions

I dream I am at a meeting to discuss my recording of the inscriptions on the snow monuments. As I begin speaking the issue is totally clear and simple in my mind: the inscriptions have been recorded and should now be published. However, as I speak, I become aware of complications, and moderate my recommendations subtly as I proceed.

"Well, of course," I say, "the inscriptions were given to my by Professor Bright, and perhaps it is my duty, or our duty, since I am agent for this  organisation, is to return the record to him, and it would be his decision as to what to do with the record." As I speak, I wonder have I Professor Bright's name right, but continue without alluding to this doubt.

"Then," I say, "there is the matter of copyright. The inscriptions are in three categories. First, you have the multiple anonymous inscriptions, which would have no copyright. Then, you have the history of the monuments, in very cryptic language, by someone called McCormack, and, thirdly, McCormack's account of his/her own activities, also in cryptic language. Should these latter two categories by published as they are, - in cryptic form, - or should the material be elaborated, either speculatively by us, or by Professor Bright, or pursuant to inquiry to this person McCormack, and is his/her permission needed anyway to the publication."

"The snow is now melted, and mine is the only existing record of the inscriptions."